A Note: Life Interrupted

I have not published in my blog in almost a year. It certainly is not for lack of things to write about.  September 24 1017 my life was turned upside down with the sudden serious illness of my husband, leading to hospital and rehab stays all the way through end of February 2018.  The situation continues to be guarded and difficult. I now join the ranks of caregivers.  (As it happens, my sister happened to be at the devastating Route 91 Festival).

While I have provided coaching services informally for many years as a therapist and years ago as part of my resume writing service I had been in the process of launching a life coaching company along with my husband. This was a natural extension of our combined experience in teaching, media and the arts. My husband taught college courses in public speaking, media, film, and other classes. He also taught acting.  I was a therapist and social worker after a career change. We used to own an advertising and public relations company and he had also worked as a journalist.

Around the time of my husband’s admission I received an unsolicited call from what would have been my first client, sisters excited to get started. But it soon became clear that this next stage of our life had to be put on hold.

I continue to work full time in a hospital psych program and have fully intergrated my private practice with an awesome and growing  behavioral health agency Visions Health and Wellness, where I serve as clinical director in the Las Vegas area.

It is easy to get over whelmed by set backs, but my husbands refusal to give up and determination to still try to carry on, even with the frustration and fear (he just started with an acting student by phone/video this week) should be all the inspiration I need.

Part of my coaching  will be to be help people move forward and get back on or discover their life path.  Happiness of course does not come from easy times or things going our way all the time.  We all need direction and support.

My clinical practice helps get people through crisis and trauma with such therapies and concepts as ACT, which examines values and encourages action through mindfulness and acceptance; narrative therapy, which employs stories to change perspective, cognitive behavior to improve awareness and promote change and motivational interviewing to propel people toward goals.  I also use meditation, writing and art.

My understanding and experience in therapy can inform my coaching, however life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching is making active use of guidance, emphasizing motivation, change, action and progress toward goals. Let’s get started!

Laura Lynch MSW LCSW

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