O Resiliency, I need you now. I am feeling down and need a pick me up. An essay on what this word might mean.

by Laura Lynch, LCSW, Life Coach Well….trying to get back on track with writing.   With an initial interruption of medical issues, then being mentally caught up in election turmoil (Are we in Kansas anymore and when did the tornado come and pick me up?) and now bookended  by weeks of more medical issues (winter illness  x […]

September Hello & Goodbye – and holding on to optimism in the face of defeatism.

by Laura Lynch LCSW, Life Coach Well originally I was going to write about how glad I was for September to  come.  Kind of the perfect month for me.  The  intense desert heat recedes, the only Holiday is Labor Day, Fall is coming (my favorite season) and for me it is the real beginning of […]