10 Signs You (I) (We) Need a Vacation

by Laura Lynch, Life Coach, LCSW


  1.  Going through the motions at work. (i.e. staying quiet during meetings because if you say something the meeting will last longer and you want to retreat to your work area).


2. Feeling old and tired morning noon and night.  Then  really  looking old and tired.

3. Aware that home projects are piling up and annoyed because you don’t have time or energry to get to it, but really, really want to get to it because having a nice home life is one of the points to working, plus you feel piled up coming and going.



4. Everybody seems so annoying [although perhaps a few actually ARE annoying but that is another topic.]




5. Avoiding Facebook and all social media, personal and public news at all costs. (When I
do go on vacation will I come back to a different world, will the election season finally be over? But that would require at least a 6 month vacation.)


6. Spending a lot of time of office cleaning &

reorganizing to have a sense of accomplishment

and perhaps MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL Cleansing and S P A C E.


7. Work Angst. Wondering, seriously, if you are making a difference or if there is a point to it all.  [NOTE: This is a big deal in my line of work.]

8. Retirement starting to seem more attractive, even if you are not financially ready. Its like the water mirage for the desperate soul crawling through the desert.

9. Starting to fantasize about leading an altogether different life (Different job, different town,  different country, different friends (different family?) a sort of Personalized It’s A Wonderful Life.

10. After requesting your vacation, counting the months, weeks, days down as if THE VACATION will be YOUR SALVATION. You will come back in a renewed and different form, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  Your own personal Nature Show from Caterpillar to Butterfly.  Because upon your return you will be greeted like someone coming from a great journey, a great quest. You will be glowing with health and vitality. You will have a brief feeling of  triumph, of being a role model (I am NOT a work alcoholic!). Perhaps a tinge of pity or sorrow for colleagues, and a healthy dose of generosity and renewed enthusiasm.  And then you see all the work you have to catch up with. But you know you love it and you are eternally grateful.



Addendum/Caveat: Dear Boss: I love my job and you and everyone are fantastic. I am just temporarily tired.

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