A Life Worth Living

Know what leads you forward

what holds you back

      And choose the path that

leads you to wisdom



My blog is a mix of reflective thoughts with a emphasis on healing and well being. It uses some personal experiences but is mostly observations on life, particularly through internal life. I also have some humor and lighter essays. I will also have practical suggestions on healing, recovery, moving on and stepping on the right path.

Offering life coaching

Holistic healing coach – mind-body-spiritual

Understanding, accepting and mastering thoughts and emotions through self

awareness and self talk

Identifying what you truly value and living your life in the world through

effective decision making, self discipline, changing habits and setting goals

Understanding and developing resilience and balancing optimism and pessimism

through realistic mindsets, emotional monitoring, healthy fear vs unhealthy fear

Finding and living with purpose and passion by living your essential self

Making sense of others and the world without losing yourself and

using what you already have


Coaching can be done by telephone, video conference, email and online. Discussions, assignments and homework.